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Lake Salda Burdur Turkey

In and around Salda Lake, there are habitats such as wetlands, streams, dunes, coniferous forests, woodlands, mountain steppe, rocky and agriculture. The coniferous forest habitats around Salda Lake are all around the lake except the eastern part, and the pine, larch and junipers consist of pure and mixed forests and occasional sparse forests.

Salda Lake is an important pause and habitat for waterfowl especially in autumn and winter. 38 different waterfowl are present in the area at various periods. The most common species of these species are cuckoo, gooseberry and mallard, grebe and black necked grebe, crested pochard and hunger duck. It is determined that 301 aquatic and terrestrial plant species belong to 61 families. The most important of these species are the Verbascum dudleyanum (Salda marsh mullein) and the other endemic species, Verbascum flabellifolium, which are endemic to the area around Lake Salda. Red pine and larch on the slope floor of forest vegetation; juniper species are located on high floors. Shrub floor juniper, larch, myrtle, kermes oak and maple trees are found as wood and bush species.

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There are good hotels to visit Salda Lake in Burdur.