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Places To Visit Salda Turkey

Salda Lake is one of the rare places where the heritage, which is the legacy of thousands of years of accumulation, rich flora-fauna, socio-cultural texture, must be conserved with a holistic understanding and the sustainable uses compatible with the ecosystem should be targeted.

The increasing pressure on the natural environment in the current century has led to the necessity of producing plans and policies on these areas. While conservation of natural areas was perceived as a prohibition or restriction of human activities in the past, nowadays they are seen as contributing to the social development of the society with their scientific value and aesthetic value.

In this respect, planning and management strategies of protected areas whose natural structure is under threat due to ever increasing and intensifying utilization patterns are considered as priority.

Under these conditions, the rules fall to the regulating public institutions to make researches about how each natural area should be protected in its originality and how it can be used at the same time and to ensure that it is implemented.

In order to protect this marvelous lake and transfer this value to future generations by our Ministry, biodiversity research has been started in the whole area designated as Special Environmental Protection Area.

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Salda Lake Hotels

There are good hotels to visit Salda Lake in Burdur.