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Salda Lake Turkey Hotels

Lake Salda; It is one of the lakes in the southwestern part of the Aegean region, called the Lakes region, between the Central Anatolia Region and the Mediterranean Region, within the borders of the Burdur Lakes Basin, where the Ecosystem Integrity is best represented with a depth of 185 meters.

The east and west of the lake have steep shores rising like a wall. Around the Doganbaba in the north, Gökçe in the southwest and Kayadibi in the southeast, the shores of the Lake have a unique visual beauty reminiscent of the Maldives and a very rich biodiversity in terms of flora-fauna. The clear and turquoise color of the water makes the area unique in terms of landscape. Studies in the region show that Salda Lake is one of the few regions in the world that carries the surface characteristics of the planet Mars (magnesium-laden white rocks).

Approximately 6.8 km. width, 9,186 km. It is located in a closed basin located on a tectonic pit in length and has conservation status such as Natural Site, Wetland and Natural Park.

Salda Lake Special Environmental Protection Region is geographically located on the Burdur-Denizli highway within the borders of Yeşilova District of Burdur Province in the Mediterranean Region. Salda, Doganbaba, Kayadibi, Isiklar, Duden and Niyazlar Village settlements are available depending on the district.

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Salda Lake Hotels

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