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6 Things You Need to Know About Salda Lake

1) Turkish Maldives

Turkish Maldives

Salt Lake, is also known as the Maldives in Türkiye because of its similarity to the Maldives.

2) One of Two Places on Earth with Mars Properties

Lake Salda And Mars

Professor of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, who has been researching Lake Salda for four years. Dr. Mike Russel said that there are two places on the world with the surface characteristics of Mars, one of them in the northern part of Canada, the other Lake Salda.

3) Unique Camping Areas

Camping in Lake Salda

As Salda Lake and its surroundings are under protection, construction is forbidden. But you are allowed to camp in the area. All kinds of facilities are provided in camping areas. There are grocery stores, washbasins and toilets to meet your daily needs. And there is no charge for the camping.

4) Swimming in Lake Salda

Swimming in Lake Salda

The swimming season is open on Lake Salda from June to mid-September. But you must follow the rules when swimming, as a result, this is a lake and some places are swamp. It is not recommended to swim outside the places shown.

5) Mud Bath Is Good For Skin Diseases

Mud Bath in Lake Salda

Besides the white sandy beaches, clean water, air, blue, and scenery, there is another beauty that Salda Lake offers to you; mud bath. Experts say the mud bath is beneficial to the skin.

6) Skiing Enjoyment with Lake View

Skiing in Lake Salda

Salda Lake is not only one of the rare places you can visit in the scorching heat of summer, it also offers you different beauties in winter. Salda Ski Center, which is about 10 km away from the lake, is one of the rare places where you can ski with lake views. Generally, it is possible to see snow around 50 – 100 cm on the hill covered with snow from December to the end of April. The land structure of the hill covered with natural vegetation becomes suitable for skiing even in 30 cm snowfall. Salda Ski Resort does not currently have accommodation. You can use the lakeside boutique hotel for accommodation.

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